Oase Biotec Screenmatic2 40000 Set OC

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The Oase Biotec Screenmatic2 40000 Set OC – Complete Filtration Systems are complete kits that come with the state of the art Oase BioTec 40000 ScreenMatic 2 Pond Filter, Oase Bitron C 36w Ultra Violet light and the Oase Aquamax Premium 13,000 Filter Pump for ponds up to 40,000l.

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Oase Biotec Screenmatic2 40000 Filter, UV and Pump Set OC

Set Includes:

Filter: Oase BioTec ScreenMatic 40000²

Pump: Oase Aquamax Eco Premium 13000

UVC: Oase Bitron C 36 W

Oase BioTec ScreenMatic2 40000

Introducing the Oase Biotec Screenmatic2 40000 Set OC – a compact and efficient gravity outlet, flow-through filter box that revolutionizes pond maintenance. This innovative system incorporates an automated pre-filter conveyor designed to screen out larger debris. The conveyor, equipped with a porous belt, transports the debris to a spacious collection basket for convenient periodic emptying.

A standout feature of the new Screendrive mechanism is its fully automated operation, driven by a specialized cleaning sensor. This sensor dynamically controls the belt functions based on the detected dirt level on the porous belt. Only small particles pass through the ScreenMatic drive belt, where the large surface area biological/mechanical filter foams come into play. These foams efficiently trap and break down organic waste, significantly reducing the biological load on the filter foams. The result? Less maintenance and crystal clear water quality for ornamental, Goldfish, and Koi ponds alike.

The BioTec ScreenMatic² 40000 offers intelligent, automated mechanical waste removal and biological filtration. Here’s how it works: water enters the filter through a flow spreader onto a 300-micron fabric belt, which strains out solid waste particles. When the fabric belt becomes sufficiently soiled, a sensor activates the motor, initiating a cleaning cycle that transfers accumulated waste into a collection tray below the screen. The control display provides the convenience of instant cleaning cycles at the press of a button. Plus, the waste sensor is adjustable for personalized cleaning regularity based on waste accumulation. A supplied cleaning brush ensures the fabric screen remains free of entrapped dirt.

After the mechanical straining process, water progresses through a series of eight large filter sponges with varying coarseness—blue for rough, violet for medium fine, and red for very fine grade. These sponges create ample surface housing for aerobic bacteria to thrive and break down soluble waste pollutants. Cleaning the filter foams is a breeze thanks to the compression handle, facilitating the release of any organic waste buildup. Finally, water passes through cartridges containing 2.5kg of granulate media (zeolite), effectively binding unwanted nutrients and trace ammonia before returning to the pond. The Oase BioTec ScreenMatic² 40000 ensures a smart, efficient, and hassle-free approach to pond filtration and water quality maintenance.



Technical Info:

Dimension (L x W x H) mm: 788 x 590 x 445

Min. Flow Rate: 4,000 lph

Max. Flow Rate: 9,000 lph

Max. Pond Size: 40,000l

Pond Size with Fish Stock: 20,000l

Pond Size with Koi: 10,000l

Cable length: 2m + 5m

Number of filter Foams: 8

UV Connection: Oase Bitron 36w -110w & Bitron Eco 120 – 240w UV Clarifiers

Guarantee: 3 years

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