Oase Lake Therapy

Lakes, large ponds and natural swimming ponds can suffer from a number of issues and without adequate management, these problems can get out of control to the extent that inhabitants and surrounding wildlife can become affected.

Oase Germany have developed a professional range of targeted water treatments to tackle specific lake water quality problems. The Oase Lake Therapy treatments can help to stabilise water parameters, combat algae and bind excess nutrients which would otherwise lead to repeated algal bloom.

Oase Optilake

Oase OptiLake will help to stabilise water parameters to achieve ecological equilibrium with the lake, benefiting fish, plants and pond inhabitants. OptiLake will also help buffer and stabilise pH.

Oase Clearlake

Oase ClearLake utilises specially bred micro-organisms which decompose and mineralise pollutants and will biologically break down organic matter and toxins.

Oase SchlixX Lake Therapy Water Treatment

Oase SchlixX is a formulation specifically developed to reduce organic sludge on the lake floor by releasing oxygen and binding phosphates. This action increases the water capacity within the lake and greatly reduces the likelihood of green or blue-green algal bloom. SchlixX will not break down inorganic material such as sand.

Oase Sedox Speed

Oase Sedox is designed to bind high levels of phosphate in lake waters, which is the most common cause of excess algae growth. SeDox converts phosphates into the harmless mineral apatite, which is harmless to fish and lake inhabitants.

Oase Sedox Speed

Oase Sedox Speed can be used in urgent or emergency situations where very high levels of phosphates are detected. SeDox Speed will rapidly convert phosphate to harmless minerals within hours of application.

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