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Cantilever Pond Jetty

This is a cantilever jetty that we built in 2022 on an absolutely stunning pond in Deal, Kent.

  • A cantilever jetty is only supported at one end which means there are no supports inside the pond.
  • This helps protect the pond lining and gives a fantastic levetating effect.
  • This particular jetty is 8m long and and 4m wide and is split 50/50 above land and above water.
  • Custom designded by us to ensure a strong and stable platform.
Pond Cleaning Services

Stream Rebuild

This is a 35+ year old man made stream we completely rebuilt in 2023 in Hawkhurst, Kent.

  • The 50m long stream had been completely overgrown and for years the new owners didn’t even know it was there.
  • We completely removed the old stream and replaced everything. New liner, pumps and rocks.

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