Our Pond Care Services

Pond Cleaning Services

Pond Cleaning

A full deep clean gets the pond back to it’s original original condition. This service can be done any time of the year.

  • The water is drained and any fish are safely moved to a temporary pond.
  • The pond, filter(s) and UV are then then thoroughly cleaned and any debris/sludge is removed.
  • Any plants are cut back and trimmed.
  • The pond is refilled and made fish safe before returning the fish.
Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

Regular pond maintenance makes sure that your pond keeps looking good all year round and improves the water quality of your garden pond. This service can include:

  • Thorough clean of the filter system
  • Applying blanket weed treatment
  • Cutting back overgrown vegetation
  • Fault checking to even feeding your fish if you are away.

This maintenance service can be as often as you’d like; quarterly, monthly or even fortnightly.

Pond Cleaning Services

Pond Filters, Pumps & Upgrades

Installing a new filter system or pump for your pond can greatly improve the quality of the water in your garden.

Whether you have a small wildlife pond or a large koi pond, an updated filter system will help keep your pond clean and healthy.

It’s important to remember that it is not possible to over-filter your pond, but under-filtering can lead to stressed fish due to poor water quality.

Pond Maintenance

Pond Fibreglassing

An onsite fibreglassing service will involve emptying and resealing your pond to create a strong and seamless finish. Fiberglass will give you a leak free pond or water feature for many, many years.

Fibreglass is perfect for ponds and water features due to it being so strong and hard waring, a fallen rock, garden tools or pets will not tear through the lining unlike a vinyl or rubber lining which tears very easily.

Pond Cleaning Services

Pond Repairs & Liners

If your pond is leaking or if your existing pond liner is showing signs of age degradation, it may be a sign that the liner needs replacing.

High quality rubber liners and underlay can be supplied and installed to get your pond back to how it should be.

Pond Maintenance

Koi Pond Building

Whether you want a koi pond, goldfish pond, wildlife pond or a dipping pond, the design and building can seem daunting.

Starting with the excavation and ending with the pump & filtration system switch on, you will be guided through every step of the pond construction and explained what is happening.

Pond Maintenance

Pond Projects

A portfolio of some of the unique pond projects we have completed. Featuring a cantilever pond jetty and a stream rebuild.

Pond Maintenance

Oase Lake Therapy

Lakes, large ponds and natural swimming ponds can suffer from a number of issues and without adequate management, these problems can get out of control to the extent that inhabitants and surrounding wildlife can become affected.

Oase Germany have developed a professional range of targeted water treatments to tackle specific lake water quality problems. The Oase Lake Therapy treatments can help to stabilise water parameters, combat algae and bind excess nutrients which would otherwise lead to repeated algal bloom.

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