Oase ProfiClear Premium DF-L Pump Fed OC

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The Oase ProfiClear Premium DF-L Pump Fed OC Drum Filter Module is the new generation of Proficlear Premium Modular pond filters are capable of processing large bodies of water, swim ponds, ornamental, fish ponds and Koi Ponds of up to 260,000l.

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Oase ProfiClear Premium DF-L Pump Fed OC Drum Filter Module

Having spent over 3 years in development, Oase have released a truly ground-breaking pond filtration system specifically developed, jointly in intensive co-operation with leading European koi experts, for ornamental Koi ponds. The Oase ProfiClear Premium DF-L Pump Fed OC filters are modular in design so can be tailored to suit virtually any pond size and type.

The major innovation lies with the Drum Filter Module. The sophisticated self-cleaning drum filter will automatically separate and remove coarse debris down to 60 microns, yet handle up to 25,000 litres/hour (5,555 Gals/hr – PUMP FED) or 33,000 litres/hour (7,333 Gals/hr – GRAVITY FED)  flow through. The intelligent, automated self cleaning mechanism uses high pressure water jets to periodically cleanse the stainless steel filter sieves, minimising the need to service the filter module.

The second stage filtration utilises the Oase Proficlear Premium Moving Bed Module. Each module contains OASE Hel-X bio media, with each element featuring an extremely large biological settlement surface area. The Hel-X media effectively removes toxins such as ammonium, ammonia and nitrite. The option to connect an air pump to the supplied aerator bar will allow the entire Hel-X bio media to be circulated with optimum oxygen enrichment. Multiple Moving Bed Modules can be used to increase the specialist Koi filter capability. The Hel-X biological media in Moving Bed module can also be increased, up to 100 Litres (50 Litres supplied).

The final stage of the filtration process uses the Oase Individual Module. This versatile module can be incorporated to house additional media such as Zeolite and Phosless (phosphate binder), should the water conditions require. The Individual Module can also be used to house AquaMax Gravity ECO Pumps and the Bitron Premium 60 watt UV Clarifiers.

This outstanding, high performance filter also has a sophisticated plug & play microcontroller which digitally displays the pond water temperature and handles the self cleaning function for unique, maintenance free operation.

*Suitable for Ponds 260000 litres, fish ponds 150000 ltitres and Koi 60000 litres.

Product Features:

  • Automatic self cleaning

  • Deep bed filtration to 60 microns

  • First class price/performance ratio

  • Safety cut-out switch is mounted to the filter lid

  • Professional filter media and moving bed process

  • Suitable for Koi ponds and other large bodies of water to 260,000 Litres

  • GRP Duroplast / stainless steel material gives the filter drum an extremely stable and durable housing.


The Full Oase Proficlear Premium L Pump Fed Filter System Comprises of:

Oase ProfiClear Premium DF-L Pump Fed OC

Oase ProfiClear Premium Standing Bed Module L

Oase ProfiClear Premium Moving Bed Module L

Oase ProfiClear Premium Discharge Module L

Oase Bitron Premium 120w UVC

Oase Aquamax Eco Expert 26000


Technical Info:

Dimensions: 830 x 600 x 820 (L x W x H)

Power consumption, cleaning W 1050
Net weight kg 74.00
Limited Warranty Years 2 + 1
Control unit Microcontroller
Temperature display Digital
Coarse debris extraction µm 60
Number of nozzles/rinse quantity 4 x 2.5 l/min
Scavenging pump 6 bar
Automatic rinsing system manually, Sensor, Time interval
Number of sieve elements Units 8
Filter intake surface cm2 3454
Number of inlets Units 2
Inlet connections mm 50
Inlet connections 2 x 2″ + Bitron
Number of outlets Units 2
Outlet connections DN 150
Sludge discharge connections DN 75, DN 110
Flush trough connection DN 110
Connection to Bitron C 72 – 110 W, Bitron Eco 120 – 240 W
Min. flow rate l/h 10000
Max. flow rate l/h 25000
Installation height above water level cm 40.0
Possible water level difference 5 cm
Type of use Pump fed system
Other Pollutant discharge incl. slide valve


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