Oase Bitron Premium 120 W UVC

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The Oase Bitron Premium 120W stands out as a top-tier UV clarifier tailored for large koi ponds and swim ponds, effectively managing the high flow rates associated with expansive filter systems. Suitable for ponds up to 185,000l.

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Oase Bitron Premium 120 W UVC

Constructed from robust stainless steel, the Bitron Premium range prioritizes durability. Internally, these clarifiers are engineered for high efficiency, featuring extended water retention time and uniform flow rates to optimize pond water exposure to UV rays. Notably, their UVC bulbs can be independently switched on or off, allowing users to reduce UV power in winter for energy savings and prolonged bulb life.

Similar to other UV clarifiers, the Bitron Premium utilizes ultraviolet light (UV) exposure to eliminate unicellular algae causing green water. Additionally, UV serves as a powerful sterilization method, eradicating disease-causing bacteria and viruses, contributing to the overall health of your fish.

Designed for direct connection to Oase’s gravity or pump-fed Proficlear Drum filters, the Bitron Premium UV clarifiers can also be integrated into any pond filter system. The Bitron Premium 120W model is well-suited for natural or swim ponds up to 185m³, goldfish ponds up to 100m³, and koi ponds up to 66m³.


Technical Info:

  • 120W UV clarifier with 7m cable
  • Requires 2x genuine Oase 60w UV bulbs (included) that should be replaced annually
  • Bulbs can be turned on or off independently
  • Typical bulb lifetime: 8,000 hours
  • Kills unicellular algae that cause green water
  • Sterilizes pond water and reduces the risk of fish disease
  • Exceptionally effective sterilisation thanks to the long retention time
  • Flow-optimised reactor design ensures direct and virtually loss-free UV radiation
  • High-quality stainless steel housing for stability and good reflection rates
  • Visual function check of the UVC bulbs
  • Inlet connection: 110mm
  • Outlet connection: 110mm
  • Max flow rate: 70,000 litres / hr
  • Optimum flow rate: 33,000
  • Dimensions: 700 x 387 x 305mm
  • Guaranteed for 2 years (extendable to 3 years)

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