Oase Biotec Screenmatic2 145000

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The Oase Biotec Screenmatic2 145000 is a large, intelligent, flow-through pond filter that provides automated mechanical waste removal and biological filtration suitable for ponds up to 145,000l.

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Oase BioTec ScreenMatic² 145000 Pond Filter

Thanks to clever improvements, the high-performance Oase Biotec Screenmatic2 145000 filter has experienced a unique leap in quality compared to the original ScreenMatic. The double sealing of the motor extends its service life many times over. The adjustable automatic cleaning causes a significantly more efficient separation result. A water distributor without bottlenecks prevents blockages. The new shape increases the capacity and makes it easier to remove the dirt basket. There are also improvements in the filter technology: Innovative dirt barriers prevent the filter from being washed out. Raising the total water level allows the filter capacity to be fully utilized. The large number of innovations also includes all-round improved handling and a more robust construction.

Suitable for ponds:

No Fish: 140000Lts/30800 Gals

Low Fish Stocks: 70000Lts/15400Gals

High Fish Stocks: 35000Lts/7700Gals

Top Oase 145000 Screenmatic² Characteristics

  • Includes The Oase Clear Water Guarantee
  • Significantly less maintenance is required, thanks to coarse debris extraction
  • More convenience, thanks to automatically driven self cleaning of the belt filter. Adjustable cleaning Sensor controls the belt run, depending on the degree of pollution. Incl. LED function check
  • Cleaning of filter sponges directly in the filter, without removal
  • Sludge drain with slide valve for removing debris from the filter system
  • Different filter media for optimal development of filter bacteria
  • Use of the PhosLess filter media tubes as needed for string algae reduction (optional accessory)
  • Optimally matched to OASE AquaMax Eco filter pumps
  • Direct connection possibility for Bitron C and Eco UVC clarifiers
  • Reinforced strap material for an extended service life
  • Double-sealed motor for an extended service life
  • Water distributor without danger of clogging: Distributes the water uniformly on the belt filter
  • Sludge basket with greater volume and simplified handling
  • Rubberised separating lip for outstanding separation result
  • Free brush for occasional cleaning of the belt filter
  • Manual belt run now possible via button
  • Highly effective flow-through filter for ponds up to 140.0 m3
  • Dimensions: 1358 x 891 x 837mm (L x W x H)


Technical Info:

Rated voltage (primary, secondary): 230 V / 50 Hz, 12 V / AC
Power consumption: 5w
Cable length: 2.1m + 5m
Guarantee: 2 + 1 Years Upon Request
Number of filter foams: 18
Number of blue filter foams: 4
Number of red filter foams: 7
Number of purple filter foams: 7
Connection inlet filter: 25 / 38 / 50mm
Connections, outlet filter: 2″, DA 110
Sludge discharge connections DN 75
Max. flow rate: 17500 litres per hour
Suitable for Connection to Oase Bitron C 36w, 55w, 72w and 110w or Oase Bitron Eco 120w, 180w and 240w

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