Oase BioPress Set 6000 Pond Filter System

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The Oase BioPress Set 6000 comprises a comprehensive pressurized pond filtration system, featuring the FP2500 filter pump with solids-handling capabilities, the compact BioPress 6000 pressurized pond filter, an integrated 9-watt UV clarifier, and a 5-meter length of 1″ internal diameter flexible hose.

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Oase BioPress Set 6000 Pond Filter System

This filter set provides a cost-effective alternative to the excellent Oase FiltoClear Pond Filters. It incorporates an easy-clean handle, enabling the cleaning of internal filter foams without the need to remove or handle them directly. The lid is equipped with an inspection window for monitoring the UV clarifier bulb’s operation, and the 9W UVC helps combat troublesome green water resulting from single-celled algae growth.

For added versatility, BioPress filter sets can be employed to supply cleaned water to a small waterfall or watercourse. Additionally, the filter body can be discreetly buried in soft ground if desired.

  • Suitable for ponds up to 6,000 Litres, Fish Ponds up to 3,000 Litres, or Koi Ponds of 1,500 Litres.
  • BioPress 6000 Set includes the FP2500 Filter Pump and an integrated 9-Watt Ultraviolet Clarifier.
  • Comes with 5 meters of 1″ internal diameter smooth bore flexible pond hose.
  • The filter is equipped with an easy-clean handle and quick-release lid catches for convenient maintenance.


Technical Info:

Biopress 6000 Filter Dimensions: 350x 450mm (Ø x H)
FP2500 pump dimensions: 190 x 175 x 110mm (L x W x H)
UVC power consumption: 9w
Pump power consumption: 40w
Recommended hose size: 3/4″, 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″ (19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm)
Pond size: Suitable for ponds between 6000 and 1500 litres depending on fish stocks
Filter guarantee: 2 years
Pump guarantee: 2 years
Filter UVC cable length: 5m
Pump cable length: 10m

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