Evolution Aqua K+ Filter Media


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Evolution Aqua K+Media is designed and manufactured in the UK by Evolution Aqua. This advanced media, with its innovative design, and class leading surface area provides enhanced biological and mechanical filtration.

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Evolution Aqua K+ Filter Media

Evolution Aqua pioneered the use of plastic media in biological pond filters, notably in moving bed bio reactors, around two decades ago. While other plastic media have entered the market in recent years, primarily aiming to maximize surface area, a persistent challenge has been the lengthy time required to establish a stable biofilm crucial for effective filtration. After extensive research, Evolution Aqua has now introduced a groundbreaking solution: Evolution Aqua K+ Filter Media. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this innovative media not only offers exceptional surface area but also addresses the issue of prolonged maturation periods.

Evolution Aqua K+ Filter Media, incorporates minerals and enzymes during the extrusion process, resulting in a filtration media that surpasses its competitors in both surface area and maturation efficiency. With a total surface area of 1,350m² per m³ and a vast protected surface area of 1,025m² per m³, K+Media accelerates filter maturation while providing enhanced biological and mechanical filtration.

The unique design and structure of K+Media foster the formation of a stable biofilm, ensuring optimal filtration performance. Additionally, the incorporation of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, salt, and enzymes further enhances its effectiveness.

Moreover, K+Media creates ideal conditions for the thriving of microscopic organisms like Rotifers and Vorticella in designated “quiet zones,” contributing to a healthier pond ecosystem.

Available in 25L and 50L bags and perfect to add into the Evoluation Aqua Nexus 220+ and Nexus 320+ filters to increase the bio capacity.

Technical Info:

Diameter =10.2mm

Total surface area =1,350m2 per m3

Protected surface area =1,025m2 per m3

Length =8mm

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