Burtons BD-700 Pond Drum Filter

SKU: BA-BD-700

The Burtons BD-700 Pond Drum Filter ensures the clarity of water in your koi pond, fish pond, or ornamental pond by capturing debris as small as 60 microns. This guarantees crystal-clear water for a visually appealing aquatic environment with a maximum flow rate of 75,000l/h.

£3,200.00 (inc VAT)

Burtons BD-700 Pond Drum Filter

The Burtons BD-700 Pond Drum Filter stands as a pinnacle in pond filtration, offering remarkable water clarity and unmatched maintenance ease. With its Fully Automatic Cleaning Mechanism, this filter employs a low-wattage wash pump and motor to clean the filter screen automatically, eliminating manual intervention. This advanced automation significantly enhances filtration efficiency, ensuring consistently clean pond water.

Operating the BD-700 is effortless, thanks to its User-Friendly Control Box. Featuring a weatherproof design, digital display, and intuitive controls, this control box ensures seamless operation in varying weather conditions. As a result, maintaining optimal water quality requires minimal effort from pond owners.

One standout benefit of the BD-700 is its Exceptional Water Clarity, providing crystal-clear water for showcasing outstanding water features. Additionally, the BD-700 can be fitted with up to 2 x 80w Submersible UVs, further enhancing water clarity by eliminating harmful algae and bacteria.

Effortless Filtration is another key advantage of the BD-700. Thanks to its automated cleaning mechanism, the system eliminates manual filter cleaning, reducing maintenance efforts and ensuring hassle-free operation. Installation is made easy with high-quality components and Eazy Connecters, streamlining the connection process for inlets, outlets, and waste. Designed and manufactured in the UK by Burtons, the BD-700 Pond Drum Filter exemplifies quality craftsmanship and reliability, making it an ideal choice for pond owners seeking superior filtration performance and water clarity.


Technical Info:

Manufacturer: Burtons

Standard Guarantee period: 2 Years

Flow Rate: 75,000 lph for Gravity fed system, 55,000 lph for Pump fed systems

Dimensions: (WHL) 658 x 740 x 1180 (MM)

Number of Spray Tips: 10

Inlets/Outlets: 3 x 110mm Inlets, 3 x 110mm Outlets

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