Burtons Submersible UVs


10w, 20w, 30w, 40w, 80w

Stainless Steel UV Fitting

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The Burtons Submersible UVs range from 10w to 80w, these robust UV units effectively eliminate harmful algae and bacteria, fostering a thriving and healthy pond ecosystem. Featuring high-efficiency UV output and an extended lifespan of up to 10,000 hours, Burtons Submersible UVs are a crucial component of any pond maintenance routine.

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Burtons Submersible UVs

Burtons Submersible UVs offer an effective solution for maintaining the clarity and health of your pond water. Available in sizes ranging from 10w to 80w, these UVs cater to ponds of all sizes, ensuring optimal performance regardless of your pond’s dimensions. With high-efficiency UV output, these units effectively eliminate harmful algae and bacteria, promoting a healthy pond environment and improving water clarity.

One of the standout features of Submersible UVs is their long lifespan of up to 13,000 hours, providing lasting effectiveness and reliability. Additionally, these UVs are designed for easy installation and maintenance, offering convenience for pond owners. Whether used in conjunction with drum filters or for standalone applications, these UVs deliver consistent performance and clarity to your pond water.

Moreover, Burtons Submersible UVs offer versatility with the option to choose between Burtons Standard UV-C or Burtons Amalgam options. The Amalgam models boast a longer bulb life of 13,000 hours, along with high purity quartz for maximum radiation transfer and intelligent electronic ballasts for enhanced performance. By investing in Burtons Submersible Amalgam UVs, pond owners can enjoy a cleaner and healthier pond environment while reducing the need for chemical treatments, ensuring the well-being of aquatic life and enhancing overall pond aesthetics.


Technical Info:

Model Number Wattage Length Recommended Pond size (Gallons)
BA-UV-10W 10 watt 410mm 1,500
BA-UV-20W 20 watt 470mm 3,000
BA-UV-30W 30 watt 650mm 4,500
BA-UV-40W 40 watt 870mm 6,000
BA-UV-80W 80 watt 870mm 10,000

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