Oase Filtral Fountain Nozzle Kit

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The Oase Filtral Fountain Nozzle Kit is designed to work with the Oase Filtral pump range however if your pump has a ½” female BSP outlet connection and a 1,200-1,700lph max flow it will be compatible with the kit.

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Oase Filtral Fountain Nozzle Kit

The Oase Fountain Accessory Kit includes the Lave nozzle, which creates a relaxing bell-shaped effect, the Magma nozzle, which produces a spectacular vertical fan, and the Vulkan nozzle, which makes a jaw-dropping terrier fountain. All three nozzles are wind-resistant and capable of aerating small, medium and large bodies of water.

Key Features:

  • Great selection of 3 popular fountain heads for Oase fountains

  • Capable of aerating small, mediun and large waters

  • Can work with a range of fountains as long as the fitting is the same size

  • Forms a watertight seal to fountain

How do I connect the Oase Fountain Accessory Kit to my fountain pump?

The Oase Fountain Accessory Kit connects via a ½” male connection that simply pushes into your pump’s female outlet; it will require some force to form a watertight seal.


Technical Info:

Compatible Iph 3,000-10,000Iph

Number of heads 13

Maximum fountain height 55cm

Maximum fountain diameter 40cm-90cm

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