Oase Filtral Fountain Aeration Set

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The Oase Filtral Aeration Set can be used alongside the Oase Filtral UVC All In One Filters and Oase Fountain Kit to oxygenate the pond.

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The Oase Filtral Aeration Set

The optional Oase Filtral Aeration Set works via the venturi principle to add extra oxygen to the pond. Specifically designed for the New 2019 range of Oase Filtral UVC All in One Filters, the Aeration Set works in tandem with the Filtral Fountain Kit (71785).

The Airline Tubing clips onto the side of the fountain head and draws in air which is then dispersed as oxygen rich bubbles into the pond via the air injector, which attaches to the flow control tap. This enhances the oxygen levels within the water, improving fish health and boosting biological activity which aids pond filtration.

The air injector assembly can be rotated for a change in the output direction if desired to alter and improve pond circulation.

Filtral Aeration Set Contents:
– Air Injector Assembly
– Approx. 1m of Airline Tubing
– Screw Connector
– 3 x Cable Ties

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