Jetline Premium 55 Wifi Model


The Jetline Premium 55 Wifi Model Full Inverter technology offers energy efficiency, reduced noise, and extended lifespan, while its thermocoated aluminum face combines elegance and high performance, featuring a new control panel with wired extension for Eco Inverter and Power Inverter modes, including a Boost Inverter mode for quick temperature attainment. Suitabaily for ponds up to 30,000l.

£1,800.00 (inc VAT)

Jetline Premium 55 Wifi Model

The Full Inverter technology, offering exclusive benefits to enhance your pool experience. Enjoy significant reductions in electricity consumption and noise pressure, along with an extended lifespan thanks to its soft start feature. In 2020, heat pumps became a stylish addition to poolside settings, featuring a thermocoated aluminum face for elegance and high performance in daily operation.

The new control panel, equipped with a 10m wired extension, incorporates Eco Inverter and Power Inverter modes for remote control via smartphone through the integrated WiFi module. LED indicators on the front provide instant status updates: Green for reaching the target temperature, Blue for heating the pool, and Red for when the heat pump is not in operation. Retaining key features like reversible function down to -15°C, automatic defrosting, and a titanium twisted tech heat exchanger with a 15-year guarantee, the Jetline Premium Fi is backed by confidence in reliability, covered by a 3-year warranty.

Featuring Full Inverter technology for up to 35% energy savings, the Jetline Premium Fi precisely adjusts the fan and compressor, ensuring stable operation while gradually starting the compressor. Its aluminum casing not only adds elegance but also enhances weather resistance and reduces noise levels. With integrated WiFi connectivity, the Jetline Premium Fi can be conveniently controlled via smartphone, while indicative LED technology on the front provides a quick overview of the pump’s status.

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Technical Info:

Manufacturer: Jetline

Standard Guarantee period: 3 Years

Max Power Output: 7.6kW

Max Power Useage: 2.05kW

Dimension (mm): 864 x 364 x 592

Flow rate: 2,500

Pool Volume: 30,000l

Heating Range: 15c – 40c

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