Evolution Aqua Varipump 10000


The Evolution Aqua Varipump 10000 is a controllable pond pump, suitable for large ponds. Output and energy consumption can be controlled at the push of a button allowing you to set the flow rate to your needs, whilst monitoring the wattage that the pump is running at up to 75w.

£199.95 (inc VAT)

Evolution Aqua Varipump 10000

The Evolution Aqua Varipump 10000 is a robust and versatile pump designed to meet the needs of large ponds and demanding filtration systems. With three available sizes – 10,000lph, 20,000lph, and 30,000lph – the Varipump is capable of handling substantial water volumes with ease. Whether you need to power a vast pond or a complex filtration setup, this pump is up to the task.

One of the key features of the Varipump 10000 is its controllability. Equipped with adjustable flow control, it allows users to customize the water flow according to specific requirements. This ensures efficient operation tailored to the unique characteristics of your pond or filtration system. Additionally, each pump comes with a controller, providing users with precise control over the pump’s performance.

The Varipump 10000 boasts advanced technology, including a six-pole, three-phase motor, which delivers powerful and reliable operation. Whether used as a submersible pump or installed outside the pond, it effectively draws water through the filtration system, maintaining optimal water circulation and clarity. The pump also includes hosetail fittings for easy installation, along with an instruction manual to guide users through the setup process.

Backed by a 2-year warranty, the Varipump 10000 offers peace of mind and assurance of quality. Users can trust in its durability and performance, knowing that it is built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation in demanding environments. Whether you’re maintaining a koi pond, water garden, or ornamental feature, the Varipump 10000 provides the power, versatility, and reliability needed to keep your aquatic ecosystem thriving.


Technical Info:

Max Flow Rate: 10000 Litres per hour / 2200 Gallons per hour

Max Head Height: 3.1m

Dimensions: 267mm x 122mm x 162mm (LxWxH)

Inlet /Outlet Hose Size: 1½” / 38mm

Max Power Consumption: 75 watts

Cable Length: 10m + 2m

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