Burtons FB 1100 Bio Chamber


The Burtons FB 1100 Bio Chamber is the perfect addition to the Burtons range of Bio Tanks. Ideal for those with limited space or just wanting to add a bit more Bio to thier systems and capable of holding 200 lts of media.

£900.00 (inc VAT)

Burtons FB 1100 Bio Chamber

The Burtons FB 1100 Bio Chamber is an essential component within the Burtons Bio Tanks series, meticulously crafted to enhance biological filtration in aquatic systems. With dimensions measuring 660mm in width, 745mm in height, and 1180mm in length, this bio chamber offers generous space for effective filtration. Boasting a maximum flow rate of 20,000 Liters Per Hour and featuring 1 x 110mm inlet and 1 x 110mm outlet, it ensures efficient water circulation and filtration.

With a capacious media capacity of 200 liters, the FB 1100 Bio Chamber provides ample room for optimal biofilm growth and bacterial colonization. To achieve superior filtration performance, we recommend utilizing a 50/50 mix of Burtons Bio Flo and Bio Tube media, available in 25-liter and 50-liter bags. Crafted and manufactured in the UK by Burtons, this bio chamber embodies quality craftsmanship and reliability, guaranteeing enduring performance in various aquatic environments.

Complete with 2 x fixing points for airstones (airstones not included) and equipped with a lid for added convenience, the FB 1100 Bio Chamber offers versatility and ease of use. Whether employed in ponds, aquariums, or other aquatic systems, it delivers an effective solution for enhancing biological filtration, promoting cleaner and healthier water conditions. Invest in the FB 1100 Bio Chamber today to experience the benefits of improved filtration and a thriving aquatic ecosystem.


Technical Info:

Product Dimensions: W x 660mm x H x 745mm L x 1180mm

Flow Rate Maximum: 20,000 Litres Per Hour

Inlets/Outlets: 1 x 110mm Inlets, 1 x 110mm Outlets

Media Capacity: 200ltr

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