Burtons Bio Flo+ Media


25 Ltr, 50 Ltr


Burtons Bioflo+ Media is designed to provide a large protected surface area for the biofilm and optimal conditions for the bacteria culture when the media are suspended in water. A durable, rugged and highly efficient media for moving bed biological Filters.

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Burtons Bio Flo+ Media

The Burtons Bio Flo+ Media stands as a pioneering solution for enhancing biological filtration in aquatic systems. With its wheel-shaped design, internal fins, and large openings, this media offers a protected surface area of 800m²/m³, providing an ideal environment for biofilm growth and bacterial culture. Designed to be durable, rugged, and highly efficient, Bio Flo+ is well-suited for use in moving bed biological filters, offering exceptional performance and reliability in various aquatic setups.

The innovative design of Bio Flo+ maximizes the percentage of protected surface area available for microorganisms to adhere, leading to increased biomass concentration and enhanced filtration efficiency. Its large openings allow wastewater to flow freely through the media, promoting the maintenance of a healthy and thin biofilm crucial for effective filtration. With its compact and lightweight nature, Bio Flo+ is easy to handle and integrate into both internal and external filters, making it an excellent replacement or upgrade for existing filter media.

Furthermore, Bio Flo+ features corrosion-resistant material, ensuring suitability for both mechanical and biological filtration applications. Its versatility and ease of use make it a perfect choice for all aquatic systems, providing long-lasting performance with minimal clogging. Whether used in ponds, aquariums, or other aquatic environments, Bio Flo+ is designed to provide maximum protected surface area for bacterial colonization, contributing to cleaner and healthier water conditions. Invest in Bio Flo+ today to experience the benefits of improved filtration and a thriving aquatic ecosystem.

Perfect for use in the Burtons Bio Tank 1500 and Burtons FB 1100 Bio Chamber.


Technical Info:

Media Size 16.75mm x 5mm
Surface Area 1036 m2/m3

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