Burtons Bio Tank 1200


The Burtons 1200 Bio Tank is the perfect addition to the Burtons range of Bio Tanks. Ideal for those with limited space or just wanting to add a bit more Bio to thier systems and capable of holding up to 250 lts of media.

£1,150.00 (inc VAT)

Burtons Bio Tank 1200

The Burtons Bio Tank 1200 stands out as a robust solution for enhancing the biological filtration process in your pond. Engineered with a focus on efficient circulation, its benched sides promote optimal flow for fluidized media, ensuring thorough filtration of pond water. The recommendation to use the Burtons Bio Tube media and Burtons Bio Flo+ media underscores their effectiveness in complementing the bio tank’s design, making them the perfect addition for any of Burtons’ drum range filters. By combining these two media types, pond owners can create the ultimate filtration system, guaranteeing pristine water quality and a thriving aquatic environment.

Versatility is a hallmark feature of the Burtons Bio Tank 1200, offering flexibility in its positioning to accommodate different filtration setups. Whether installed at water level for gravity-fed systems or above water level for pump-fed systems, this bio tank adapts to the specific needs of pond enthusiasts. Furthermore, with a maximum flow rate of 20,000 Litres Per Hour and equipped with 1 x 110mm inlet and 1 x 110mm outlet, it efficiently handles large volumes of water while ensuring smooth water flow for effective filtration.

With a generous media capacity ranging from 200 to 250 liters, the Burtons Bio Tank provides ample space for biological media, allowing for thorough and efficient filtration. Its design prioritizes durability and reliability, ensuring long-lasting performance in pond environments. Designed and manufactured in the UK by Burtons, this bio tank reflects a commitment to quality and excellence. Invest in the Burtons Bio Tank 2500 today to experience the benefits of improved water quality and a flourishing pond ecosystem, supported by British craftsmanship and innovative filtration technology.


Technical Info:

Product Dimensions: (mm) 655mm W x 1000mm H x 1200mm L

Flow Rate Maximum: 20,000 Litres Per Hour

Inlets/Outlets: 1 x 110mm Inlets, 1 x 110mm Outlets

Media Capacity: 200 – 250ltr

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