Burtons BD-300 Cube with UV


The Burtons BD-300 Cub with UV drum filter ensures the clarity of water in your koi pond, fish pond, or ornamental pond by capturing debris as small as 60 microns. This guarantees crystal-clear water for a visually appealing aquatic environment with a maximum flow rate of 30,000l/h.

£2,100.00 (inc VAT)

Burtons BD-300 Cube with UV

The Burtons BD-300 Cube with UV Drum Filter is designed to provide comprehensive filtration for ponds up to 30,000 liters. Equipped with a standard 20-watt Submersible UV, it effectively eliminates harmful algae and bacteria, ensuring crystal-clear water and a healthy pond environment. Additionally, the system features a fully automatic cleaning mechanism, including a low-wattage wash pump and motor, reducing maintenance efforts and enhancing filtration efficiency.

Moreover, this user-friendly system comes with a weatherproof control box featuring intuitive controls, simplifying operation even in adverse weather conditions. Installation is made easy with high-quality components and Eazy Connecters, streamlining the connection process for inlets, outlets, and waste. Manufactured in the UK by Burtons, the BD-300 Cube guarantees quality craftsmanship and reliability, making it an ideal choice for pond owners seeking superior water quality and clarity.

Furthermore, the BD-300 Cube includes a 60-micron screen, a cover switch for safety, and a pre-fitted low-wattage wash pump for added convenience. With two 110mm inlets and outlets, along with a standard 20-watt UV, this drum filter offers comprehensive filtration suitable for various pond sizes and applications. Whether enhancing the visual appeal of your pond or maintaining a healthy ecosystem, the BD-300 Cube delivers exceptional performance and reliability.


Technical Info:

Manufacturer: Burtons

Standard Guarantee period: 2 Years

Flow Rate: 30,000 lph for Gravity fed system.

Dimensions: 800mm L x 556mm W x 582.5mm H

Number of Spray Tips: 5

Inlets/Outlets: 2 x 110mm Inlets, 2 x 110mm Outlets

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