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The Oase Filtral UVC Premium series includes four all-in-one submersible pond filtration units designed for wildlife ponds up to 9,000 litres or ponds with Goldfish stock up to 4,500 litres. Positioned on the pond floor, these filters operate quietly without requiring pipe connections. The integral filtration pump draws water through a perforated lid, passing through filtration media and releasing filtered water via the top outlet with an ultraviolet clarifier. This prevents water from turning green, with UV power ranging from 5 watts to 13 watts. The filtration system comprises large blue and secondary fine red filter foams, along with hollowed cylindrical ceramic media and moving biological elements, creating ample housing for microorganisms that break down soluble waste.

Filter Pumps – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Oase Filtral UVC All-in-One Filter?

The Oase Filtral UVC All-in-One Filter is a comprehensive filtration solution designed for water features and small ponds up to 9000 litres. It features an underwater setup to minimize visual disruption and combines filter foam, bio-surface elements, and ceramic media for efficient filtration.

2. How does the Filtral UVC All-in-One Filter work?

The filter utilizes a combination of mechanical and biological filtration methods to effectively remove debris and organic waste from pond water. It also includes an integrated 13W UVC to eliminate green water algae, ensuring clear and healthy water conditions.

3. What are the key features of the Filtral UVC All-in-One Filter?

Key features include a compact design suitable for ponds up to 1500 litres, an integrated 750LPH pump and 5W UVC, and easy maintenance with access clips for quick cleaning. Additionally, it comes with the Oase Clear Water Guarantee and offers optional accessories for further customization.

4. How do I install the Filtral UVC All-in-One Filter?

Installation is simple and straightforward, with the filter designed for underwater placement, preserving the aesthetics of the pond. The compact design ensures discreet installation, and one power cable facilitates cost-effective setup.

5. Can the Filtral UVC All-in-One Filter be used for other purposes?

Yes, the filter’s versatility allows it to power fountain displays, waterfalls, and enhance aeration as needed. It provides comprehensive filtration while adding aesthetic appeal to water features and small ponds.