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About Us

Our Job is to make your pond healthy
and your fish happy.

That Pond Guy Owner

We offer full pond contractor services; which include pond deep cleaning, pond maintenance, pond upgrades, pond building, pond fibreglass and more. We pride ourselves on doing a thorough, professional job at a competitive price.

I’m Matt from the beautiful village of Halling in Kent. With a deep love for ponds and fish, I followed my passion and started That Pond Guy in 2021.

My journey into pondkeeping began in 2018 when I built my own pond from scratch. Since then, I’ve been fully dedicated to providing top-quality pond maintenance and other services to others. I understand the importance of having a clear and healthy pond, as well as happy fish.

We’re located in Kent but are proud to serve the entire South East region, including Kent, London, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, and Hampshire.

Get in touch today for a free quote and let us take care of your pond needs.

Our Pond Care Services

We do all the jobs you really don’t want to do.

Pond Cleaning

Pond Cleaning Services

A full deep clean gets the pond back to it’s original original condition. This service can be done any time of the year.

Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

Regular pond maintenance makes sure that your pond keeps looking good all year round and improves the water quality of your garden pond.

Pond Equipment & Upgrades

Pond Cleaning Services

Installing a new filter system or pump for your pond can greatly improve the quality of the water in your pond.

Pond Fibreglassing

Pond Maintenance

An onsite fibreglassing service will involve emptying and resealing your pond to create a strong and seamless finish. Fiberglass will give you a leak free pond or water feature for many, many years.

Pond Repairs & Liners

Pond Cleaning Services

If your pond is leaking or if your existing pond liner is showing signs of age degradation, it may be a sign that the liner needs replacing.

Koi Pond Building

Pond Maintenance

Whether you want a koi pond, goldfish pond, wildlife pond or a dipping pond, the design and building can seem daunting.

Pond Projects

Pond Maintenance

A portfolio of some of the unique pond projects we have completed. Featuring a cantilever pond jetty and a stream rebuild.

Oase Lake Therapy

Pond Maintenance

Lakes and large ponds can suffer from a number of issues and without adequate management, these problems can get out of control to the extent that inhabitants and surrounding wildlife can become affected.

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