Gordon Low Pond Underlay – White



2m x 5m, 2m x 25m

Gordon Low underlay is crucial for pond installations, protecting liners from punctures by stones and roots. Made from durable material resistant to rot, it prevents costly repairs. Polyester underlay stabilizes sub-soils and prevents liner stretching, while geotextile underlay shields rubber liners. Using underlay is essential to minimize damage from ground settlement.

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Gordon Low Pond Underlay – White

We highly advocate the use of Gordon Lowe underlay for pond installations. Instead of relying on heavy sand, which can be infiltrated by stones and roots, incorporating underlay is crucial for protecting all types of liners. Made from a durable woven material that is resistant to rot, liner underlay provides an effective barrier against sharp objects and roots, minimizing the risk of unexpected punctures and the need for costly repairs or replacements.

The polyester pond liner underlay material is strongly recommended to be placed beneath flexible liners. Not only does it safeguard against punctures from sharp stones and roots, but it also stabilizes soft sub-soils, preventing excessive stretching of the liner in localized areas.

For rubber pond liners, a geotextile underlay is essential to shield against mechanical damage from the ground surface. Additionally, geotextile matting is typically used atop the liner when constructing brick or concrete structures and in areas where gravel and stones will be utilized, such as a wildlife pond beach area.

These high-performance geotextiles serve as an effective protective barrier between the substrate and liner. We strongly advise the use of our underlay beneath all of our liners to safeguard against punctures and minimize excessive stretching caused by ground settlement.

Comes in 2m x 5m or 2m x 25m rolls

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