Oase InScenio FM Master Cloud

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The Oase InScenio FM-Master Cloud – the age begins in which all important functions within a pond or garden can be controlled centrally via one device. At the heart of the Oase EGC system is the new Oase InScenio FM-Master Cloud. This revolutionary garden power outlet is easily integrated into the home network via a router. Thus it enables convenient operation and control of the connected devices with an app via smart phone or tablet (iOS or Android).

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Oase InScenio FM Master Cloud

In addition to the four switched power outlets – one of which is dimmable – the Oase InScenio FM Master Cloud is equipped with an EGC connection which provides 2 way control and feedback for a range of Oase devices including the AquaMax Eco Expert and AquaMax Eco Titanium range of filter Pumps, the Aquarius Eco Expert fountain pump series, the Oase ProfiClear Premium drum filters and the ProfiLux LED RGB lighting system. The connected devices are simply networked via a new EGC connection cable (available separately) that is designed for underwater use.

The networking ensures a high level of functional security, particularly in the demanding implementation areas of the Oase ProfiClear Premium Drum Filters. The Oase FM Master Cloud makes it possible to monitor and control the filter system at any time, from anywhere in the world via the Oase cloud based network. In the case of the ProfiClear Premium, the EGC can also be used to provide data for the ponds temperature and the filters cleaning cycles, it is also possible to get active messages in the event of a malfunction or abnormalities, so the pond owner can act immediately.

The Oase InScenio FM-Master Cloud is suitable for use with the following:

Key Points

  • Globally accessible free-of-charge via the OASE Cloud
  • Easy to connect with the OASE Cloud. Doing so allows the connected devices to be managed and controlled on the move
  • Ground stake guarantees secure anchoring in the ground
  • Innovative highlight of the OASE InScenio Power Management family, controllable via WiFi on tablets or Smartphones (iOS or Android)
  • Simply download the app (from the Apple Store or via Google Play) and get started
  • With 4 power outlets: 3 can be switched on and off, and the 4th is dimmable
  • Each power outlet can be controlled over 24 hours with integrated timer
  • With an additional OASE Control connection for connecting OASE Control-enabled devices
  • Up to 10 remotely controllable devices or OASE Control-managed devices can be integrated and controlled via the app
  • All-year round use with spray water resistant power outlets
  • System requirements: iOS 12.0 (Apple) or Android version 7.0 or later is required to run the app on mobile devices.


Technical Specs:

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 215 x 155 x 295
Rated voltage 220 – 240 V / AC
Rated voltage 220 – 240 V / 50 Hz
Max. total load power W 2700
Max. total load current A 12.0
Number of cable inputs Units 1
Number of cable outputs Units 4
Protection class IPX4
Net weight kg 2.30
Limited Warranty Years 2
Limited Warranty Years 2 + 1
WiFi range (2.4 GHz) max. m 80.00
OASE Control connection Yes
Network capability Router / Cloud
WiFi hotspot Yes
Timer Yes
Power outlets On/Off max. 2000 W 3 x 220 – 240 V
Power outlets, dimmable 1x max. 40–320 W
Length mm 215
radio range (433 MHz) max. m 80.00

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