Oase Floating Lake Skimmer 250 LM

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The Oase Floating Lake Skimmer 250 LM which is part of the Lake Management range is a high performance floating skimmer with an integrated pump, which will clean pond and lake surfaces of leaves, pollen, and dust particles up to 250 square metres.

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Oase Floating Lake Skimmer 250 LM

The Oase Floating Lake Skimmer 250 LM presents an efficient solution for combating surface debris, including leaves, pollen, and dust particles, which can compromise water quality in ponds and lakes. By preventing the accumulation of debris before it sinks and decomposes, this skimmer helps maintain the biological equilibrium of aquatic ecosystems. Designed for versatility and effectiveness, it enhances water circulation, particularly in shallow or problematic areas of the lake, contributing to overall ecosystem health.

With its impressive capacity, the Oase Skimmer 250 LM can effectively clear up to 250 square meters (2690 square feet) of surface water from floating debris. This makes it an ideal choice for ponds and lakes experiencing fluctuating water levels. Its portability allows for easy relocation to areas with excessive debris accumulation, ensuring comprehensive debris removal across the water body.

Featuring a 52 cm (20 inches) wide skimmer flap, pollutants are efficiently directed into a removable stainless steel collection basket, facilitating convenient disposal and maintenance. The integrated pump, with a flow rate of 15,000 liters per hour (56 gallons per minute), ensures robust water flow conditions, preventing ice formation through constant movement. Moreover, the float design of the skimmer makes it suitable for large ponds and lakes, especially those prone to significant water level fluctuations.

For added stability and ease of installation, the unit comes with a pondside anchoring kit, including stainless steel wire ropes, carabiners, screw clamps, and wire guides. This ensures secure placement and reliable performance even in challenging environments. Backed by a 2-year guarantee, the Oase Floating Lake Skimmer 250 LM offers durability, efficiency, and peace of mind for effective pond and lake management.

Technical Info:

Turnover rate: 15,000 litres/h

Dimensions: 775mm x 400mm x 590mm (L x W x H)

Minimum water depth: 650mm

Wattage: 250w

Cable Length: 10m

Warrenty: 2 year warranty period

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