Oase Aquarius Fountain Set Eco 9500

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The Oase Aquarius Fountain Set Eco 9500 consists of a powerful fountain pump with an energy-saving drive using only 125w. Thanks to the three different fountain attachments and simple mechanical adjustment of the fountain height the water pattern can be repeatedly changed.

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Oase Aquarius Fountain Set Eco 9500 Fountain Pump

The Oase Aquarius Fountain Set Eco 9500 Pump is engineered by German experts to enhance decorative fountain displays in ponds and water features. Featuring a new energy-efficient motor, it delivers a robust 9500 litres per hour performance while consuming only 125 watts, ensuring both power and economy. Equipped with two interchangeable fountain attachments – the Vulkan 37-2.5K three-tiered nozzle and the Lava 36-10K bell fountain nozzle – it creates captivating water displays of up to 3.35 meters in height.

Adding to its versatility, the Aquarius Fountain Set Eco 9500 includes an adjustable Telescopic Riser with an integrated swivel head, allowing for easy height adjustment to suit various pond depths and ensuring proper alignment of the fountain, even on uneven pond bases. Furthermore, the pump features an independently adjustable secondary water outlet, which can supply water to a small waterfall or feature as required. For added peace of mind, Oase’s innovative EFC (Environmental Function Control) automatically switches off the pump in the event of accidental dry running, protecting the motor from potential damage.


Technical Info:

Max Flow: 9500 litres / 1718 gallons

Wattage: 125 watts

Max Head: 4 metres

Cable Length: 10 Metres

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