Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced 36″ Bead Filter

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The Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced Bead Filter range is a pressurised filtration system that delivers fast and effective biological and fine mechanical filtration for ponds of any size. The Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced 36″ Bead Filter can handle ponds up to 54,000l.

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Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced 36” Bead Filter

The Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced 36″ Bead Filter is a top-tier pond filtration system, powered by Evolution Aqua’s innovative K+ media, providing exceptional biological filtration for ponds of all sizes. Engineered for unrestricted water flow, these filters minimize operational costs while maximizing efficiency across four sizes – 20″, 24″, 30″, and 36″ – suitable for ponds up to 91,000 litres (20,000 Gallons).

Crafted with durability in mind using the latest rotational moulding process, Evolution Aqua ensures longevity and peace of mind for pond owners. Each filter comes pre-loaded with advanced K+ Media for enhanced mechanical and biological filtration, optimizing pump efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Facilitating both mechanical and biological filtration, the Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced 36″ Bead Filters effectively remove solid waste and harmful chemicals from the water, promoting a healthy aquatic environment. The innovative K+ Media offers superior surface area and mechanical filtration capabilities, encouraging the growth of beneficial bacterial colonies for enhanced filtration efficiency and water clarity.

With easy operation and maintenance, including comprehensive pipework, blower, and multiport valve supplied, the K+ Advanced Filters offer a hassle-free solution for pond filtration needs. Whether for a small backyard pond or a large koi pond, Evolution Aqua’s K+ Advanced Bead Filter range ensures clean, safe water for pond inhabitants.


Technical Specs:

Max Pond Volume: 91,000litres

Media Volume: 250litres

Optimal Flow Rate: 30,000lph

Pipework Size: 2″

Dimensions: 900mm (36″) x 1050mm (41.3″)


  • K+ Advanced Filter 20 18,000litres 50litres 6,000lph 1.5″ 500mm (20″) x 695mm (27.4″)
  • K+ Advanced Filter 24 36,000litres 100litres 12,000lph 2″ 620mm (24″) x 810mm (31.9″)
  • K+ Advanced Filter 30 54,500litres 150litres 18,000lph 2″ 750mm (30″) x 995mm (39.2″)
  • K+ Advanced Filter 36 91,000litres 250litres 30,000lph 2″ 900mm (36″) x 1050mm (41.3″)

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