Burtons Bio Block Media 16 Kg


Burtons Bio Block Media 16 Kg are a new and exciting form of biological media. They comprise of five different blocks with each block having a different role to play within in the ecosystem of the pond.

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Burtons Bio Block Media 16 Kg

The first Burtons Bio Block Media 16 Kg block contains Silver to kill of bad enzymes and bacteria. The Second which slowly releases trace elements into the water such as Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc. The third which is Far infrared helping to breakdown waste and increasing oxygen levels. The fourth block works purely biological so is highly efficient in allowing nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria to cultivate. Finally, the Fifth block contains negative ions to aid the health and wellbeing of your pond/fish.

With these blocks combined and added to your existing filtration it’ll give you the very best water quality.

Technical Info:

Size of Media: 45mm x 45mm x 30mm

Pack Size: 200 pieces per box

Box Weight: 16kg

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