Best Blanketweed Treatment You Can Buy

What is Blanketweed?

Blanketweed, also known as filamentous algae or string algae, is a type of algae that commonly forms dense, fibrous mats in bodies of water such as ponds and aquariums. It gets its name because it can resemble a green or brownish blanket covering the surface of the water.

Blanketweed consists of long, thread-like strands that can quickly multiply and create unsightly conditions in aquatic environments. It thrives in nutrient-rich water, especially if there is an excess of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. Factors such as sunlight, warm temperatures, and slow water flow can also contribute to the growth of blanketweed.

Controlling blanketweed often involves addressing the underlying issues that contribute to its growth. This may include reducing nutrient levels through water management, adding aquatic plants to compete for nutrients, using algaecides, and physically removing the algae from the water. It’s important to maintain a balanced and healthy aquatic environment to prevent the recurrence of blanketweed and promote the well-being of the overall ecosystem.

What is the Best Treatment for Blanketweed?

The only product I use and recommend is Aqua Source Blanketweed Resolve. Available here on Amazon:

Blanketweed becomes resistant to treatments after continued use, and this is why our brand new treatment will work when others fail, even at low temperatures.

The only Blanketweed treatment that reduces Phosphates, which contribute to blanketweed growth.

Aqua Source Blanket Weed Resolve is completely free of Algaecides, Biocides, Pesticides, ammonium compounds and metal salts. It is harmless to animals and plants and will not affect your filter bacteria. Your pond water may turn slightly cloudy for 3-4 days, this is perfectly normal. As with all pond treatments, ensure that the pond is well oxygenated. A kH above 2 is recommended, if unsure add some kH buffer.

No need to mix, just sprinkle around the edges of your pond.

Can be used safely with other medications in the pond.

A unique product that quickly eradicates unsightly blanketweed from your pond, when used as instructed.

  • Brand New Formula
  • Fast Acting
  • Completely Harmless to Fish, Plants & Wildlife
  • Reduces Phosphates
  • Works at low temperatures
  • Safe for Sturgeon and Sterlets

Available in 250g, 500g, 1kg and 2kg

250g Treats 7500 litres (1649 Uk Gallons)

500g Treats 15000 litres ( 3300 UK Gallons)

1kg Treats 30000 ltrs ( 6600 UK Gallons)

2kg Treats 60000 ltrs ( 13200 UK Gallons)

Dosage is 25g per 750 litres (165 gallons), added directly to the pond. UV Clarifier can be left on.

Repeat dose every 10 days over 30 days, if necessary, then add one dose monthly to prevent reoccurrence.

No need to mix in a bucket, simply sprinkle directly around the edges of your pond.

By Published On: 4 September 2023